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For the life sciences, the therapeutic areas of EminTech are mainly skin, nails and gastric absorption

Skin Nails Gastric

Formulation types



EminTech has developed/ scaled up/ transferred to production more than 20 emulsions.

An O/W (oil in water) emulsion at magnification x1000. Weak flocculation, as seen in the image, enhances emulsion stability.
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A dispersion contains crystalline material in a vehicle like gel or emulsion. A major challenge of is to avoid crystal growth during storage. Such growth is generally avoided by using surface active agents.

Pharmaceutical substance crystal length versus family of surface active agents
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Polymer gels give vehicles with great stability and simplicity during production.

EminTech logo in gellan gum
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In a microemulsion the aggregates are small, the formulation is stable, appear transparent to the eye but diffracts laser light.

Microemulsion diffracting a laser beam
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Proteins and peptides

These molecules consist of charged groups that are strongly influenced by pH, and also nonionic hydrophilic and hydrophobic groups. Furthermore configuration changes expose varying groups as solution properties change.

In short, formulating proteins and peptides require delicate considerations.

Space filling model of the peptide LL-37 obtained by X-ray scattering of crystalline material.
Structure from Li, X. et al., J. Am. Chem. Soc.128 (2006) 5776.
The amino acids are colored according to their surface chemical properties.
Note that the peptide in aqueous solution will curl an hide the more hydrophobic parts.
Amino acid color codes
not polar, hydrophobic
aromatic hydrophobic
aromatic hydrophobic polar
acidic (anionic)
polar uncharged
basic (i.e. cationic)
basic aromatic
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Some previous projects

Cosmetic emulsion with high concentration of AHA

Pharmaceutical dispersion with reduced crystal particle size

Pharmaceutical microemulsion with enhanced gastric absorption

Reduced phase separation in technical and pharmaceutical emulsions

Pharmaceutical antiseptic emulsion

Enzyme separation from process broth